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Quick Step laminate flooring is all about the technology that makes the laminate wood floors so durable as the style that makes them so distinctive. From the revolutionary locking system that helps prevent water damage to our ScratchGuard™...

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Robust, stylish, and easy to care for. EGGER laminate flooring sets itself apart with numerous qualities​. As a designer product, laminate flooring keeps up with our fast paced times.The creators of the collection identify trends...

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Balterio laminate flooring is renown for its style and quality and has won many awards. At Balterio they take the utmost attention to detail with their flooring so that their products look as close to real timber flooring as possible. Balterio laminates...

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Vitality floor is just what you need. The Vitality range has everything you expect of a laminate floor. The Clickx® system and the FitXpress® system are your guarantees for ultimate ease of installation and many years of enjoyment...

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Clix Floor (Formerly called LOC Floor) is our most affordable quality laminate floor option, a class 32 Quality Laminate Floor rated for heavy domestic or medium commercial use. It is the ideal DIY product due to its...

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Step into the inspiring world of Krono Original laminate flooring: Laminate in all colours and designs, in stone or authentic-looking wood. As the global market leader in laminate flooring, we are constantly developing new products that are made...

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Why Laminate Flooring?

It's Affordable

​Laminate flooring is an affordable, high-performance flooring option. If you’re looking for a timber floor but your budget won’t stretch for it, laminate flooring gives you a timber look without the hassle and expensive price tag. It is also faster to install too, this means it tend to have a lower installation cost.

Durable & Versatile

Perfect for busy family lives, beach houses, commercial spaces and ideal for kitchens, living areas and hallways. Laminate flooring are hard-wearing and incredibly durable. They have a higher UV resistance than standard wooden floors. They block the harmful rays of the sun and protect the design from fading.

Low Maintenance

​Laminate floors is resistant to scratching from sand and stones, furniture damage or the everyday wear and tear from busy households. Laminate flooring is easy to maintain and requires no extensive care or maintenance. There are also water-resistant laminate flooring options available too for high moisture areas.

Leaders in Laminate Flooring

Our stock purchasers are mindful of existing and emerging trends in interior design both in New Zealand as well as Europe to ensure that our customers get the best of designs and remain current. We have a wide range of plank sizes, widths and designs to choose from.

Given we only acquire high quality products for our customers direct from the source, we guarantee our products for up to 25 years. Get in touch with us today or drop by out Auckland showroom to browse through our range or get a no obligation flooring quote from us today.

How to Install Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are the perfect DIY flooring solution. The installation is quick and hassle-free. It is a glue-less system. You simply snap the pieces together. There's no excess glue, no fuss. The floor can be used immediately. Our planks are easy to install for a DIY homeowner. It's so fast and hassle-free: simply click the planks into one another and you're good to go.

For a brief rundown on how to install laminate flooring and whether the DIY installation attempt is for you check out

DIY install guide