How to Install Laminate Flooring | A DIY Guide

Tips on laying laminate floor

Step 1: Acclimatise the Laminate Flooring Before Installation
Step 2: Clean the Subfloor, Remove Base Molding
Step 3: Install the Vapor Barrier
Step 4: Trim the Door Jambs
Step 5: Install the First Row
Step 6: Install the Flooring
Step 7: Install the Last Plank
Step 8: Install Thresholds and Base Molding

laminate flooring installation

  1. Stack the planks up for 24 hours in order for them to acclimatise to your home as the level of temperature and humidity will affect the planks. Allow plenty of air to circulate around the planks. Ensure you have about 10% more planks than you actually need as you will encounter some trimming. Once the wood is acclimatised, it is time to begin. Peruse our laminate flooring range.

  2. Ensure the sub surface is clear of any debris and the base moldings have been removed to allow for an easy, grit free lay. 

  3. Start to lay the vapor barrier from the longest wall. Make sure you read the installation instructions as directions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some may get you to overlap the barrier whilst others may recommend laying them side by side. 

  4. Lay a piece of flooring flat on the ground and up against the door jambs. Use it as a guide to mark the jambs so that the new flooring can slide underneath the jamb. Use a “flat” saw or a coping saw to cut the jambs, making sure to cut parallel to the subfloor. This will give the floor and jamb a nice finished look without having to remove the entire jamb.

  5. Lay planks parallel to the longest wall and install the first plank with the groove facing the wall. Place the provided spacers between the plank and the wall to allow for breathing room. This will later be covered by base moulding so dont worry about the way it looks at this stage. Continue doing so every 12 inches.

  6. Lay the rest of the planks out and click them into each other in the case of some of our click lock flooring planks. 

  7. Trim the last piece so that it fits the gap left and sits evenly against the spacers that will be placed against the wall. 

  8. Remove the spacers and install the thresholds and the base moulding whilst leaving the breathing spaces in order to ensure a neat, professional look.
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