Beginners Guide To Laminate Flooring.

​Looking for a stylish yet affordable solution to flooring? Laminate flooring is an exceptionally hard-wearing and durable alternative to timber flooring without the price tag. Perfect for busy households with pets or children, the family beach house, the office or showroom, laminate flooring is a stylish and versatile solution for a more modest budget.


Laminate is a robust, resilient and hard-wearing, multi-layer synthetic flooring product, fused together with a lamination process. It simulates a wood or sometimes stone look with a realistic wood photo layer under a clear protective layer. The core is a High-Density fibre board, on a moisture resistant balancing layer. Because it’s a Digital print on a high-density core board, can be more flexible in providing different looks, and creating uniformity e.g. having the authentic timber look without the natural “wild colour variation” some species have.
Laminate flooring is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand homes, with its easy, no-fuss installation, hard-wearing durability, affordable price tag and low maintenance making it a highly attractive alternative to other flooring materials. Laminate or timber look flooring is well suited to both residential and commercial applications. This flooring type has been increasing in popularity lately due to its hard wearing nature and cost effectiveness to both buy and install.
Great for allergy sufferers and pet owners, laminate flooring can be more hygienic in the home.  Aside from the high quality of manufacturing that we are seeing these days, the technology behind laminate flooring can stay up to date with modern trends and transform your personal and unique interior style.
Because of the way laminate flooring is made, they offer a great versatility and open up a world of choices for you to choose from. With different installation types, surface types and designs, you may have a tough time choosing your favourite! That’s where Prime Floors can help.
Our stock purchasers are mindful of existing and emerging trends in interior design both in New Zealand as well as Europe to ensure that our customers get the best of designs and remain current. We have a wide range of plank sizes, widths and designs to choose from.

Given we only acquire high quality products for our customers direct from the source; we guarantee our products for up to 25 years. Get in touch with us today or drop by out Auckland showroom to browse through our range or get a no obligation flooring quote from us today.
For an easy DIY experience, laying laminate flooring is still king as it's as simple as clicking planks together like Lego. It is a glue-less system. You simply snap the pieces together. There's no excess glue, no fuss. The floor can be used immediately. Our planks are easy to install for a DIY homeowner. It's so fast and hassle-free, you simply click the planks into one another and you're good to go.

For a brief rundown on how to install laminate flooring and whether the DIY installation attempt is for you check out our DIY Install Guide – “insert link”
If you’re taking on the laminate flooring installation task yourself, don’t forget that all laminate flooring needs foam underlayment. Underlayment prevents the floor from clicking on the subfloor as you walk across it and makes it feel a bit softer. It also makes the planks easier to install because it evens out small inconsistencies in the subfloor. Some underlayment has self-adhesive tape to join one row to the next. Others call for separate tape. Be careful to use whatever is required. Go ahead and buy the special laminate and wood flooring installation tool as well.
In most cases you can perform the laminate flooring installation yourself however our professional layers can install them for you within a short space of time. Laminate flooring can also be installed over many different surface types and flooring, another great flooring solution. For more information specific it’s best to speak to your flooring professional.

Laminate flooring keeps it easy! As a hard floor, laminate floors are one of the easiest flooring types to maintain and to keep looking fresh and in great condition. We suggest regular sweeping or using a dry mop (that’s right, no vacuuming if you choose!) and cleaning with dry cloths and minimal liquid as water can stain or warp the laminate floor. Laminate flooring is a fabulous option for quick and easy maintenance, perfect for bustling families with busy lifestyles. If you have spills or traced dirt, use a spray bottle of water with a little neutral detergent and a sponge

Given we only acquire high quality products for our customers direct from the source; we guarantee our products for up to 25 years. Get in touch with us today or drop by out Auckland showroom to browse through our range or get a no obligation flooring quote from us today.
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