Ultimate Flooring Guide - FAQ for your Laminate Flooring.

We have summarised the most frequently asked questions about our laminate flooring.

Do I need an underlay and moisture barrier under my floor?

You will need underlay for all laminate and bamboo floor systems because they are "floating flooring systems". The floor is fixed by interlocking system and held by skirting / kick boards and trim bars; no nails and glues are required, that's why it is called a floating system. Putting underlay then becomes necessary as it acts as a moisture barrier to prevent subfloor moisture from coming up.
Are laminate floors pet-friendly?
 laminate floors pet-friendly
Laminate floors are high durable and designed to withstand scratches. To maintain your laminate floor, please clean up all water spillage and moisture such as urine.
Do I need to buy extra laminate flooring?

We always recommend 10% more than what you need as there will always be wastage (especially when it gets to the edges and corners). If your floor area is 50 square meters,  then you should look at getting 55-60 square meters of laminate flooring.

Should I install my new flooring before or after my new kitchen cabinets?
You should consider putting in flooring after you install your new kitchen cabinets. However if you have waterfall benchtop, make sure you install your flooring before benchtop gets installed so the flooring sits under the waterfall.

Do I need to remove existing flooring/ carpet before installation?
Yes, you will have to remove all flooring and potentially you can consider doing floor levelling. Floor levelling will make your foundation more even and flat, and avoids that holey feeling when you step onto the floors.

Can I install my laminate floating flooring tight to walls and other objects?
For all laminate flooring products, they expand due to heat so you will need a 5-8mm expansion gap around the walls. In the kitchen, we recommend taking off kickboards and lay the floor to the legs of the cabinets then put the kickboards back on.

Can I install laminate flooring myself?
Laminate Flooring Installation
Yes, laminate flooring is a DIY friendly product. We also sell flooring accessories to help you with your DIY project.

What’s the best way to maintain my laminate floor?
Because most laminate flooring has a UV protection layer on top, we recommend specialised products such as our Bona Cleaning Range to give your laminate flooring a good spray mop. A normal mop will be too damp therefore not recommended if you don't have waterproof laminate flooring.

How long can I expect my laminate floor to last? 
The laminate is very durable. If you install and maintain it correctly, the floor would last for at least 10-20 years.
Will sun change the colour for laminate flooring?
​UV is a really strong factor that eventually changes the colour of the product. But due to the UV resistance protection on our laminate products, it won't be fade during the warranty coverage.