Case Study - Waterproof Laminate Flooring

What's the big deal with waterproof laminate flooring?

So what's the big deal about waterproof laminate flooring? For decades, flooring manufacturers have tried to come up with solutions for waterproof laminate flooring. Traditional laminate flooring normally soaks up water through the surface and the joints which cause the floor to swell. The swelling will cause the floors to expend and 'poke' into each other, creating bumps and causing uneven surface.

waterproof laminate flooring

Today, we will be reviewing one of the project we have worked on which involved the installation of waterproof laminate flooring.


​Client Name...
Vikon Construction - Auckland based construction company.

​Project Brief...
The client is looking for waterproof flooring solutions for their kitchen and bathroom.

Type of flooring used...
Quick Step Laminate - Impressive Range
The Impressive range is designed for kitchens and bathrooms where there is higher moisture activities. The laminate flooring material itself has a super high-density fibre core which stops moisture from penetrating into the flooring to create swelling. The planks use a cutting-edge system called "Uniclick", which is one of the best flooring assembly systems in the world. The connecting gaps stop all moisture from penetrating, creating high resilience against moisture damage.

You know you want the details...

  1. Grind the concrete floor to make a smooth even surface as it was done poorly by the concrete guys.
  2. Chip away the lower door frame  to allow laminate floors to flow / expand.
  3. Install underlay as well as adding layer of water barrier between concrete and underlay. This stopped any moisture damage from underneath.
  4. Click and install the waterproof laminate flooring.

Voila! (Images of kitchen and other areas)...

 Waterproof Laminate Flooring


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