Best cleaning products for your timber flooring

Now you have got new flooring installed, you might be asking yourself this question – what’s the best cleaning products for my timber floor. You have come to the right place. Prime Floors is the experts when it comes to timber flooring in Auckland.
It is often said that a clean home paves the way for healthy dwellers. And this kind of cleaning starts from the floor. The best way to clean a floor is to use a high-quality floor cleaner. It becomes more necessary when you have timber flooring installed. This demands for high-end cleansing products that won’t just protect the floor from harmful pollutants but also extend the life of the product.

For the best outcomes, it's suggested to keep in mind that different floor types may need different cleaner types. For instance, some may require a product that can stand up to regions with a lot of bacteria or germs, sanitizing these spaces thoroughly. On the other side, some surfaces require just a mild cleanser to keep the area from drying out and avoiding stripping.

You may discover that you need different types of cleanser in both kitchens and bathrooms in your home. While there are several multi-surface cleansers that are found to clean almost any kind of surface, few of them have obtained over a 4/5 rating online. Most often, users try various floor formulas and get one they indorse forever. If you're looking for “the” clean, check out these top floor care products below.

Floor care products

  1. Bona Cleaning Kit – 4.8/5
  2. Pine-Sol Multi-Surface Cleaner – 4.7/5
  3. Hoover Detergent Solution – 4.5/5
  4. Fabuloso Cleaner – 4.2/5
  5. Swiffer Wet Spray Starter Kit – 4.1/5

The given products are found to be the best when it comes to cleaning timber flooring in Auckland climate. Prime Floors have the Bona cleaning products readily available in our store, and that is still our top recommended pick for cleaning timber flooring.