A Buyers Guide To Hardwood Flooring

Choosing a flooring surface is a big decision. While it’s no easy decision, it’s something you have to get right. After all, it is the foundation of your home or office space. Your flooring choice will cover one of the largest surface areas in your home so it is important to select a floor you know will both compliment your design aesthetic and stand the test of time.  From laminate flooring to bamboo, hardwood engineered floors or premium timber lines there are many flooring solutions out there. There’s an abundance of options however, it’s undeniable that hardwood floors add warmth, beauty and a high-end feel to any home. The enduring good looks of hardwood flooring come in many types and styles to fit different needs and budgets.

What is Hardwood Flooring?

To put it really simply, hardwood flooring is a floor covering made from real hardwood that has been cut and shaped into planks of flooring. Often you will hear alternative names like wood flooring or timber flooring, they are all the same thing. It is a natural product, has been around for centuries and is still very popular with homeowners and property developers.  Wood is an increasingly common choice as a flooring material and can come in various styles, colours, cuts and species. You can find regular domesticated woods to more exotic ones.

So why choose Hardwood Flooring?
Hardwood floors seem to be all the rage nowadays.  In fact, hardwood floors are becoming a fantastic alternative to carpet, tiles or vinyl flooring.   ­If you are in search of a surefire way to improve the look, durability and value of your home, office or apartment, hardwood floors are the way to go.

All types of hardwood floors have unmatched natural beauty and a big plus is that they go with any decor — modern, traditional, country, you name it. Hardwood flooring goes in any room, although kitchens and basements warrant special considerations. While being elegant, hardwood floors also provide warmth, a value of wood and of course, beauty! Hardwood flooring is considered to provide a look of spaciousness when installed. This is definitely the prestige flooring solution.

Hardwood floors or timber floors are not only very elegant in style, they are also extremely durable and have stood the test of time. High-quality hardwood flooring which is installed, manufactured and finished to specific standards offers great durability and can last for generations. Hardwood flooring is also strong enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic and work spaces. Hardwood flooring is tough and hard-wearing. Hardwood flooring offers durability and stability that is ideal for various applications including both residential and commercial.

Besides being beautiful and incredibly hard-wearing, hardwood floors are environmentally friendly and can be sustainably harvested as well. Wood is a natural resource that is both renewable and recyclable. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean. It solely demands weekly cleaning procedures inclusive of vacuuming or sweeping and mopping with an appropriate cleaning solution. It should be kept in mind that hardwood floors are to be kept dry and moisture free. 

Hardwood floors are the best option to promote a healthy indoor air quality for your interior environments be it office space, bedroom etc. These floors possess no fibers, embossing or grout lines which are known to accumulate dust, dirt, debris or pollen particles, animal dander, and allergens which occur with floor carpets and therefore helps in maintaining a healthy indoor air quality. Hardwood floor is the best choice of flooring for people who are allergic to dust and the like as it does not allow a build up of dust, debris and dirt particles that can thrive in carpets.

Choosing hardwood is an investment, most hardwood floors almost never need to be replaced and can add thousands of dollars to the value of a home. Hardwood flooring enhances the value of your property. It is thus a good long-term investment and could form a strong resale argument, beyond the initial cost of the hardwood floor installation. Hardwood flooring has the capacity to further processes of a quick sale and also brings better/ higher prices during reselling.

Hardwood floors offer an incredible array of aesthetic options so there’s something for everyone. From the kind of wood to the finish to the design of the floor pattern, hardwood floors will suit almost any taste and circumstance.

What different types of Hardwood Flooring are available?
From species, to hardness, to colour, there are endless options to choose from. It’s no wonder hardwood flooring continues to grow in popularity around the world! Light or dark, solid or engineered, species to hardness to colour, choosing a style and type that suits your home is not for the faint-hearted. When you’re faced with the seemingly overwhelming task of choosing your hardwood floor, a little research and talking to a flooring professional can go a long way to making this process easier.

Styles are constantly evolving and it is good to keep that in mind when it comes to selecting your floor. As it is often the most dominant design look, the colour floor you select sets the tone for the space so it is important to ask yourself, “What do I want the design of my home to say?”.  

Hardwood flooring is an investment and when it comes to color selection, there is no “one size fits all”. What works in one home and in one design plan, may not fit your unique space. There are many tones and colours to choose from so shop around and the right flooring company will help you find the perfect floor for you. 

What’s your price point? Are you looking to do multiple rooms or just one? Get quotes early on based on the square footage of the room. This way, you can map out how much to allocate for the room or multiple rooms, and you won’t run the risk of going way over budget during your renovation.
A slightly higher flooring budget would open the door to hardwood engineered floors. And if you have an open ended budget, then premium timber lines would be best. Leading flooring specialists will supply a large range of flooring products to suit your needs, from affordable flooring solutions to high end products.

When you’re looking to make your flooring decision, it’s a really good idea to find a company that will come to your home or office space for a consultation.  It’s important that your prospective flooring company will understand your needs and wants,  and then tailor a suitable flooring solution meet those requirements.

How do I install Hardwood Flooring?
If you have ever completed a home improvement project, you know the satisfaction of planning and executing it. You may not think that a typical do-it-yourselfer can install an entire hardwood floor on your own, but it is possible. All you need is the right planning, preparation and tools.

If this sounds too daunting, or you're interested in a custom design, you can certainly work with a flooring professional. Whether you're going the DIY route or using a professional installation crew, contact your flooring specialists who are there to help you achieve the best flooring outcome.

Care and Maintenance for Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors are easy to keep clean. All that is needed is a regular vacuum or sweep with a soft bristle brush and a weekly clean with a wooden floor cleaner and microfibre mop.  Avoid using water and vinegar, soap-based cleaners, wax or steam cleaners on your hardwood floors. Wipe up excess liquid because standing water can damage wood surfaces. There are also simple steps that should be taken to prevent unwanted scratches and dents; remove footwear before walking on the floor, position mats both outside and inside exterior doors to lessen tracked-in dirt and apply felt protector pads onto the bottom of furniture.

Hardwood floors do get scraped, scratched, scuffed, dented and damaged – especially in high traffic areas. However, wood flooring can most often simply be sanded, smoothed and refinished. It is rarely necessary to replace a wood floor.

Most good flooring companies don't just supply and install, they also stock cleaning and maintenance products. These aftercare products and services will help extend the lifespan of your floor.

Once again, Hardwood floors are delightfully hardwearing and very durable.  If looked after properly, they can resist a great deal more wear and tear than carpets and should last for decades.  If after a few years you feel that your flooring has lost its lustre it can be sanded down and refinished to renew its freshness. Your flooring specialist will be able to not only supply and install flooring, but offer a well-rounded aftercare service from floor sanding to cleaning and maintenance.

What is the Warranty on Hardwood Flooring?
Hardwood floors can last a long time – usually twenty five years or more. Some can last a lifetime. Most will last longer than you live in your home. Proper installation is an essentially important factor in determining how long the wood flooring will last. Even the most durable and highest quality hardwood might be spoiled by unprofessional work at a job site.  It also depends on the subfloor before installation, the thickness of the floor that gets laid down and the way you care for it at home.

A hardwood-flooring warranty commonly lasts 20, 30 years or longer. Always look for a flooring company that back their flooring with confidence in their quality and commitment to honour a strong, reliable flooring warranty.

It’s worth the time and energy to plan in advance before buying a floor. This way, you make an informed purchase that you’ll be much happier with in the long-term.

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