In 2021, you will have plenty of laminate flooring options to spruce up your home or office.

In past years, many predicted the demise of laminate flooring and exposed it as barely-low maintenance and low-cost wood flooring alternative. But now not anymore! With so many technological advances, laminate flooring offer patrons a lot more.

To help people keep abreast of the various options and trends, Prime Floors unveils the synopsis on Laminate Flooring that will be in the limelight in the year 2021.

Laminate Flooring Trends for 2021


Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring

Water-Resistant Laminate Flooring

Water Resistance capabilities in laminate flooring will be more popular than ever in 2021!  Laminate flooring is taking water-friendly quality up a notch by comprising multiple protective layers that include the wear layer, the image layer, core layer, and backing or stabilizing layer.

Laminate flooring’s water resistance mechanism is slightly different from water-proof vinyl flooring. The water-resistant laminate flooring planks are curated in such a way that instead of being secured underneath; they float upon by the means of the interlocking design.

While waterproof vinyl flooring gives 100% water resistance coverage, it won’t be able to tolerate water if it comes from beneath.

Prospects of Waterproof Laminate Flooring in 2021

The waterproof Laminate Flooring trend will continue to grow more than ever in 2021.  For the next many years, we envisage this trend will stick to the ground and beyond.

Stain Resistant Laminate Flooring

There are a lot of things new in the sphere of Laminate Flooring! New colors, new patterns, new textures, and of course new capabilities! Laminate Flooring with stain resistance qualities does a lot good at homes where there are kids, old-aged adults, and pets.

So, if you don’t want your floors to swell, buckle, crack, or split due to spills, stain-resistant laminate flooring is just for you.

To prevent stains and augment the performance of laminate flooring, make sure that spills are cleaned promptly.

Prospects of Stain-Resistance Laminate Flooring in 2021

Who wants to walk upon sticky and greasy floors? No one…. Literally No one! That’s why stain-resistant laminate will be people’s favorite for many years to come.

UV Resistant Laminate Flooring

UV Resistant Laminate Flooring

When the laminate flooring exposes to harmful UV rays, its outerwear layer gets faded, darkened, and ruined. To eliminate this tussle, the laminate flooring manufacturers came-up with UV-resistant Laminate Flooring.

Soon, the non-UV resistance laminate flooring sheet will become outdated, and the homeowner will pace towards the UV Resistant laminate flooring.

Future Prospects of UV Resistance Laminate

In the current scenario, people are becoming abreast of the harms of UV rays and are boarding products that can combat the harshness of UV. With that said, we can say that future of UV –resistance laminate flooring is bright and can linger in the market for many years.

Scratch Resistant Laminate Flooring

Scratch Resistant Laminate Flooring

Gone are the days when the movement of the heavy furniture units or the drop and fall of pointed or rough objects incurred scratches to the laminate flooring.  These days, technology allows you to be reckless with your laminate flooring.

No matter you wear pointed heels or move heavy sofas, scratch resistance laminate flooring will bear them all. Its gorgeous look will remain intact, eliminating the scrapes, knots, unfinished looks, and color variance.

Future Prospects of Scratch-resistant Laminate Flooring

We believe there will always be a demand for Scratch-Resistant Flooring.



Reclaimed Wood-Look Laminate Flooring Trends

Reclaimed Wood-look laminate flooring is made-up of the recycled products taken out from old homes and barns. They are known to take things to the next levels as far as looks and durability is concerned.

Due to its rough and rustic appearance, it has a lot of charm attached to it. Another plus of using reclaimed wood-look laminate flooring is that it is 100% eco-friendly as to manufacture it, no fresh trees are hewed.

Future Prospects of Reclaimed Wood-look laminate Flooring

There’s quite a bit of confusion regarding the future of Reclaimed Wood-look laminate flooring. We think it will stay in trend, but we don’t envisage it becoming the next big thing.

Embossed in Register Laminate Floors

Perfect for the areas with heavy footfalls, this type of laminate floorings gazes and feels more authentically like real wood.

It has a depressed surface resembling wood and has outstanding durability.

Besides adding a warm and realistic look to your floor, the appearance of Embossed In Register laminate flooring matches shoulders to shoulders with wood floors at highly competitive rates.

Future Prospects Of Embossed In-Register Laminate Floors

This texture of laminate flooring is likely to work well for commercial spaces, however, for residential spaces, the results are quite hazy.

Grandeur Laminate Floors

Grandeur is an exclusive floor with an oak look and matte finish. This floor appears extremely plush and radiates a look of pure luxury.

It enhances the feeling of spaciousness, making it the perfect floor for larger areas.

The long and wide grandeur planks are eco-friendly, perfect for allergy sufferers and environment-friendly homeowners.

Future Prospects Of Grandeur Laminate Floors

The Grandeur Laminate Floors is going to be widely accepted for domestic as well as commercial uses. Its splendor is expected to attract admirers of luxury in the long-run.



Bleached White Laminate Flooring

Bleached White Laminate Flooring


Once upon a time, marble or ceramic tile was the only way to get a chic and plush white floor look. But, due to their expensiveness, they weren’t in everyone’s scope. These days, laminate flooring brings out the same look at an immensely low cost.

While giving the classic appearance, the Bleached White Laminate Flooring is an excellent option for farmhouse-style houses, kitchens, and also for commercial spaces.

Future Prospects of Bleached White Laminate Flooring

The white color never goes out-of-fashion! Due to the cost-effectiveness and impeccable look of bleached white laminate flooring, it is likely to pervade in the market for the upcoming many decades.

Dark Grey Laminate Flooring

Dark Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey color symbolizes neutrality and balance. A few years back, flooring manufacturers started manufacturing gray-colored laminate flooring and were surprised with such a huge positive response from the buyers.

It is chic and trendy and is likely to appear less dirty even after it's dirty. It can offer great results for Porch, patio, and veranda where there is dirt, debris, and other clutter.

Future Prospects of Dark Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey color is likely to stay in trend in 2021 and after that as well!

Light Wood Colored Laminate Flooring

Light Wood Colored Laminate Flooring

Light wood laminate flooring matches perfectly with spacious and airy homes. They look plush and serve as a perfect choice to create a truly majestic interior.

They make any room feel larger and more open. Unlike white-colored laminate flooring, which starts looking dirty and dingy, light wood laminate flooring doesn’t look dirty so soon.

The addition of some greens in the room works immensely well for light wood colored laminate flooring.

Future Prospects of Light Wood Laminate Flooring

The light wood laminate flooring has an immensely bright future. You can expect to see it in the homes for the next 5-10 years.

Orange-Brown Colored/Merbau Laminate Floor

Merbau Laminate Floor

For the most elegant residential or commercial spaces, the Merbau laminate floor is the move for 2021 laminate flooring trends.

Orange Brown/Merbau is exotic-looking laminate flooring. With its silky, smooth, impeccable, and semi-polished finish, it goes beautifully with light-colored furniture units.

In addition to looking chic and trendy, the Merbau laminate floor has just entered the market so you won’t see too many households or offices that have acquired the memo just yet.

Future Prospects of Merbau Wood Laminate Flooring

This trend will absolutely last in 2021. It will soon become a choice of homeowners and will likely last the test of time.



Wide Plank Laminate Floors

Although not a very new thing in the market, you can expect to see many more variants of wide planks laminate floors in 2021.

Wide laminate planks work best to make your room look spacious, cohesive, and less busy, and this is the reason that makes wide plank laminate floors the favorite of homeowners.

Future Prospects of Wide Plank Laminate Floors

You can never go wrong with wide plank laminate floorings. So, if you want to give your floors a makeover, go unhesitant with wide plank laminate floors.

Narrow Plank Laminate Floors

Narrow plank laminate floors are pretty popular among homeowners right now.  However, it has certain drawbacks as well which include less durability, low impact resistance, and more echo.

So, we recommend you to think prudently before head–starting with narrow plank laminate floors.

Future Prospects of Narrow Plank Laminate Floors

Because the reason narrow planks appear more traditional, they’re not likely to attract the homeowners having contemporary or modern-looking spaces.



From the above blog, you can see there’s a lot of things going on in the laminate flooring market right now. Even though it has been doing its part immensely well for the last 10 years, likely, it will only get better with age.

No matter, you need laminate floors for residential or commercial purposes, you can have abundant options of laminate flooring for all your spaces by eminent brands at Prime Floors.                                                        

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